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Randall morris
president & co-FOUNDER 

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I'm Randall Morris, and I am the Co-Founder and President of the Randall Morris Foundation for Youth and Families.


The foundation was formed in 2006 with the intent to benefit local charities and to help those that are less fortunate than ourselves.


Our foundation hosts an annual celebrity golf tournament, a poker tournament and a gala/auction that raises money for children’s charities in the Pacific Northwest.


We have raised close to $1 million over the last 15 years for our charities.

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Johnny Allen

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Johnny Allen, I'm the Co-Founder and Vice President of the Randall Morris Foundation.

He was born in Birmingham Alabama and moved to Tacoma, Washington in 1980. He moved back to Alabama in 1989 and played professional golf on the African American Golf Tour and the Advocate Pro Golf Tour, where he won 16th pro tournaments on the African American Golf Tour and one on the Advocate Pro Golf Tour.


Randall and I formed our partnership back around 2006 and we founded the Randall Morris Foundation for Youth and Families. It was the best partnership that I ever could have made.

We have raised money for several different charities which I am immensely proud of. We have one of the hardest working supporting staff anyone could ask for, I would like to thank each one of you for supporting us over the years and for many more years to come.

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Sylvie Ward
Events coordinator

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Sylvie lives in Gig Harbor, WA.  She worked as a bus/transit driver for over 37+ years.   So, working with the public, and being helpful, comes easy to her.  

She is the founder of NW Mask Brigade.  A group of volunteers who sewed and distributed over 17K masks free of charge, in 2020, to frontline caregivers in Washington State and across the USA.  


She has been a volunteer for numerous charity organizations.   And has been the organizer/developer of Sock drives, fundraisers and clothing drives for the homeless and for youth and families. 

Sylvie says "we all need a purpose in life and when I help others, it feeds my soul".

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Karin Pinney
Newsletter Developer
Advisory Panel

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Karin Pinney 4.jpg

Karin and her husband live in Redmond, WA and own a real estate development and construction management (owner's rep) firm. 


Karin brings with her extensive experience as a 21 year office manager/bookkeeper, 10 years as a legal secretary, 3 years as a treasurer and has been a volunteer for various charities since she was 21 years of age. 


Her strengths are writing, communications, organizing, excellent people skills and so much more. 


She will be the developer for our newsletter, serve on the advisory panel and various other tasks, including assistant to Events Coordinator.

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sallye solter
development coordinator

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Sallye Solter has created and developed marketing/advertising campaigns for many small business events, government agencies, and non-profits. Her developed marketing strategies have successfully promoted events and campaigns efficiently and effectively.

She brings to Randall Morris Foundation great organization, communication on many different levels, and the ability to coordinate and oversee complicated situations in a timely and reasonable manner.


She works with our sponsors closely and effectively. Her capabilities include developing annual strategies and budgets, coordinating with media and event planning, writing and producing commercials, and compiling post-buy analyses - making sure our marketing dollars are effective and on-track. She brings businesses into our events, helping them as well as our community partners.


We are pleased to have her as part of our team.

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Bill & Jane ozuna
Volunteer Coordinators

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Bill and Jane will be working as a team to coordinator all RMF volunteers.

Prior to moving to Port Orchard in 2015, they lived in San Diego, for 30 years.  And during that time they were volunteer coordinator(s) for The World Golf Championships and also worked the State Farm at Torrey Pines each year.

Once in the Pacific Northwest, they joined the Seattle Sea Hawkers Booster Club.  Bill is the Kitsap chapters President and Jane is Social Media (and temporary Treasurer).  Being part of the club allowed them the opportunity to be involved with RMF for the past few years.

They decided that working with the RMF team would best suit they skills and heart for charity.

They are looking forward to helping make 2022, the best year that RMF has ever had.

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Jeremy madrid
Production Specialist

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Jeremy Madrid_edited.jpg

Lives in Kirkland, WA 


 Jeremy is the founder and Executive Producer of Madrid Productions. 


Madrid Productions is a full-service event production company that brings in the creative design, planning and execution for high-profile events.

We are thrilled that Jeremy has joined our team.  He brings with him knowledge on how to use production to move towards our goals at RMF.

His expertise with using production tools will be invaluable to us as we at RMF aim to make 2022 our best year yet.

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Brenda Adams
Advisory Panel+

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Brenda Adams Headshot_edited.jpg

Brenda lives in Southern California and is retired, yet keeps herself very active and has a desire to continue working on a part-time basis.


She has extensive experience in organizing corporate events and meeting planning.  And holds a CMP (Certified Meeting Professional) certification.


Brenda's role is as an advisor to RMF, However, she has proven that her role is not limited to advising.  Guiding the foundation in the right direction, helping with event plans and more.  Brenda is a true asset to RMF. 


We are excited to have Brenda as part of our team.

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Dee cockerham
Advisory Panel+

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Dee lives in Southern California


Dee brings decades of work experience serving in housing programs for low income families, managing customer service teams in the financial industry; as an event coordinator at a university she planned and managed career fairs, networking conferences, formal dinner events; and as an analyst at a foster care and adoption agency she served resource parents and candidates.  


Dee enjoys bringing children & families joy, laughter, and genuine care to their needs.  


Dee feels that to be a part of organization who shares the same compassion, helps to build stronger communities. 

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In search of:

Procurement Coodinator

Community Outreach Coodinator

Silent Auction Coodinator

Social Media Coodinator

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Image by Matt Walsh

We are looking to grow our team as we move towards 2022.


We are in search of people that have the time to put into the positions listed. 


We are a volunteer supported charity and seek those with a heart and desire to give their time in an effort to help youth and families. 

If you are looking for a place to use your skills, heart and desire to "give back", then we are looking for you.

Help us, help others.